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Customers list

We design and develop software systems:

  1. Government systems

  2. Banking systems

  3. Airport systems

  4. Enterprise Systems

From 2007 we have developed high-quality software systems: wholesale and retail, auto parts, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, logistics warehouses, accounting and finance, and mobile applications.

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Famous Software

Customers List:
  • Chung Hing Foods
  • Kwong Fung Foods
  • Ng Fung Enterprises Ltd.
  • Bright Harvest Enterprise Ltd.
  • Tun Hau (Canada) Enterprise Ltd.
  • Stars Trading Co. Ltd.
  • Stars Trading (GP) Co. Ltd.
  • JK Auto Parts Co. Ltd.
  • CM Trading Co. Ltd.
  • Ng Fung Retail Store
  • Sun Ming Kitchen Supplies Co. Ltd.
  • Kam Wah Resources Company Limited
  • Golden Pacific Foods Enterprise Ltd.
  • Allcity Foods Importer Co. Ltd.
  • Ocean Trade Seafood Co. Ltd.
  • Hi-To Fisheries Limited
  • P&P Packaging Company Limited
  • Universal Paper Company Limited
  • Twins Foods Enterprise Limited
  • Fusion Fashion Enterprise Limited
  • New Port Stone Tile Enterprise Limited
  • Emme Foods Trading Limited
  • Long Heng Seafood Company Limited
  • Heng Xing Seafood Company Limited
  • Polypak Enterprise Limited
  • Grand Success Enterprises Ltd.
  • Honour II Enterprises Ltd.
  • Merilin International Trading Inc.
  • Rising Sun Restaurant Supplies Limited
  • KM Trading Company Limited
  • Asia Food Media Magazine Limited
  • Go Go Foods Enterprise Ltd.
  • KB Trading Company Limited
  • Kwong Fung Rice Co. Ltd. 
  • Hoi Cheong Ho Company
  • East Success Company
  • Wing Lee Ho Co. Ltd.
  • EverTop Limited
  • Linna Textiles Limited
  • Healthy Vegetarian Limited
  • New Tai Lee Sharkfin Co. Ltd.
  • Sang Tat Trading Co. Ltd.
  • Shan Yau Trading Co. Ltd.
  • SML FOOD Equipment
  • Cost Watcher Foods Ltd.
  • Tian He Seafood Ltd.
  • Kuhlmann Home Corp.
  • Uni One Group
  • China Pottery Trading Ltd.
  • CSS Marketing Inc.
  • Himallsky Online Solution
  • Allied Pioneers Enterprises (Toronto) Co. Ltd.
  • Ng Fung Enterprise Online Solution